Can pets really return humans to a perspective of life that is awesome?  Do you know significant Therapy Dogs are to the professionals that work with the emotions of humans?  Have you heard about how by accident professionals that work with withdrawn children discovered the soothing and reassuring effect that can come from dogs?  Is the look in the eyes of puppy dogs and human toddlers at peace, evidence of something deep?  After a hectic day of time pressure, have you ever wondered if in the beginning of life you felt the awesome & soothing feeling of Eternity instead of the vexatious & demanding feeling of Time?  Is the wagging of the tail, and the jumping for joy of children, evidence that life begins with the feeling of Eternity in a wonderland understood by the heart alone?  Is something lost as adult humans become caught-up in the realm of the mind?  Have you ever wondered what life is like for a dog, a dolphin or an eagle?  Do you think that The Great Mysteries of The Animal Kingdom could be evidence that animals are in touch with something that fades away from the awareness of humans, as humans increase in self-awareness?  Can pleasant pets and peaceful toddlers cause something deep within adult humans to once again feel a river of life?       (-To be continued: This website is under construction and has only begun to be setup.  Have you been to InformFred.Com?-)

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